Sitie Djarkasi

vendredi 24 mai (yourte)

Sitie Djarkasi (42 years old) started her 4-year professional training for holistic massage and massage therapy in 2003 in Amsterdam. She has worked in her private practice and as a trainer for holistic massage for many years at a school for massage therapy after her certification. 

She has a great interest in the body-mind, soul expression and spiritual development. 

After a break of 5 years to be at home with her new born son, she started the study of depth psychology according to Carl Jung to complement her body based training as a facilitator for individuals and groups.

Interventions :

Vendredi 24 mai de 16h30 à 18h - Espace Yourte :

"'Nurturing Touch" - BodyWork Massage."

Touch is essential in our lives to establish a deeper connection and cultivate bonding.

It is known and scientifically proven that present touch can offer the body and the person great benefit by producing Oxytocin, also known as the "love hormone", that supports empathy, feelings of trust, relaxation and the reduction of stress, and more....


Although learning massage takes more time than we have available at the festival of Duo MoonDo, I would like to guide you in a few simple techniques to touch yourself or another person with the energy of your own Essence.

Through exercises we will experience not only the physical touch, but also the deeper dimension of contact between two people, an embodied touch, a soulful touch.

For me, this is the joy of massage or present touch. And it is even more joyful when shared.